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1972 Blizzard 797
    In 1972, SkiDoo completely reworked the Blizzard line, producing a 15 inch chassis that could accommodate the new line of engines being produced. These engines ranged from 293 to 797. The 293, 340, 645, and 797 were all triples, whereas the 395 and 438 were twins. The hood on these sleds had a removable cover that contained the cooling air inlet, allowing the racer to change only the cover when switching between triple and twin cylinder engines. All the engines were, of course, free air. The 72 Blizzards also used the forward mounted engine and rear jackshaft configuration still in use today. The following pictures and specs are of a Blizzard 797.

Type:                        Rotax 797 Triple Free-Air
Size:                            797.7cc
Bore:                           74.5mm
Stroke:                         61mm
Power output:              102hp
Carburetor:                  HD (3)
Exhaust:                      Triple Tuned Pipes

Weight:                415 lbs.
Tunnel:                Aluminum
Suspension:          One piece aluminum slider
Track Width:        15"
Skis:                    Steel, with adjustable shocks
Overall Length:     102"
Overall Width:      29.75" (stock)