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1972 Elan 335

    This is my dad's old sled. He and my mom had matching Elan 250's when they started snowmobiling back in the day, but dad soon decided that the Rotax 250 didn't have quite enough pep, so he did an engine swap with a 71' T'nT that he found. The swap included the 335 Rotax single and primary clutch, the secondary clutch and drive/chaincase, the drive axle, and the slide suspension from the T'nT.  He also mounted the speedometer and tach from the T'nT.  The result of this swap was an Elan that could suprise the hell out of a lot of faster sleds. Keep in mind that the 71' Blizzard Elan had 24hp, in the same chassis, and was known to be a rush to ride.  


                Rotax 335
        Size:                  334.5 cc
        Bore:                 78mm
        Stroke:               70mm
        Power:               28hp
        Carb:                 1xHD22B
        Sprocket Ratio:  16:34

        Weight:                265 lbs.
        Suspension:          T'nT two piece articulated slider
        Track Width:        15"
        Skis:                    Stock Elan
        Overall Length:     88.5"
        Overall Width:      29" (stock)
        Ground Pressure:  .248 psi
        Top Speed:           65 mph