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Stephen's Page of Interests

            This is a page with info pertaining to all the stupid shit that I find interesting, useful, or just plain nifty. If you don't think as I do and don't find any of the following material as described above, click  here. Otherwise, browse as you may, and email me if you find something that you feel is completely erroneous and I will defend my claim.

November 28, 2004:

    Hell yeah, the semester's almost over. I made some additions to the Lee-Enfield section (pics of my rifle), so check them out. Also, I added a Reloading/Handloading section. Have fun.


November 4, 2004:

    Not much going on, but I added my Lee-Enfield rifle section, so check it out.


September 28, 2004:

    Well, the Midget site has been updated, with some articles and pics. Take a look.

        -MG Midget

September 21, 2004:

    Been driving the Midget on the weekends. I took some pictures of it and they will be up shortly. I'm also working on an engine/car performance section of my website. It's not done, and only a few pages are there, but it will be huge, so take a look.



August 26, 2004:

    Well, I'm back from the summer, and with that, comes webpage updates. Some cool stuff. Check it out, let me know what you think.

        -Honcho ATV
        -MG Midget

December 10, 2003:

    Finished up a couple more articles. Feel free to email me back, tell me what you think.

            -Old Sleds vs. New Sleds

December 8, 2003:

    I added a general article about SkiDoo Blizzards in the Snowmobiles section. Also, don't forget to check out the rest of the stuff on the site.


November 5, 2003:

    Man, this semester sucks so far. Anway, I started a new section on snowmobiles, so be sure to check that out. It's got models, specs,
tech help, etc.. of snowmobiles I own, have owned, or wish to own, along with some others. Mostly Ski-Doo stuff.



October 2, 2003:

    Well, I'm back to school, and now that things have normalized a bit, I can relax and add to my webpage. So here it is.

        -Climbing Resources
        -Vw Stuff

April 30, 2003:

    I'm working on putting all of my pictures into thumbnail format, so that should make page loading go a little faster. Damn, it's almost the end of the semester.


 April 16, 2003:

    I guess I haven't done to well on keeping up with my website. I have an excuse though. The FTP client on the server was giving me some weird error messages, so I couldn't update any of my webpages. However, the problem has been rectified.

        -Random Pics

March 17, 2003:

    Well, I'm finally getting back to updating my website again. Things got kind of busy for awhile there, but all is well again. I'm going to start posting here as I add and change stuff, as well as my general feelings concerning my life and the world.

        -Vw stuff

Lee-Enfield Page..............(All about the Lee-Enfield rifle)

Mg Midget Page...............(site for my 1972 MG Midget)

Two-Stroke Stuff.............(motorcycles, snowmobiles, theory of op., etc.)

Snowmobiles....................(info, specs, etc..... Mostly Ski-Doo)

Rotary Engine Info..........(theory of operation mostly)

Volkswagen Archives......(mostly A1 & A2)

Climbing Resources........ (you didn't know I was a mountain climber, did you?)

Picture Gallery................(oh yeah..these are interesting)

Quotes Page...................(an index of all the odd things that my friends and I say)

About Me.......................(just who the fuck am I?)


Jans VW/Racing Page
        :Huge collection of vw info.....very useful.

Ernie's House of Whoopass
        :Tons of cool shit....

Smoke on The Water
         :Site containing lots of info on two stroke motorcycles (R5, RD, RZ, etc..)

Bob's T'nT Page
        : Very useful page full of info on SkiDoo t'nt and Blizzard models

Milsurp Shooter
        :Cool site with info about all types of military rifles
303 British Page
        :Site dedicated to the .303 British and the rifles chambered for it.

[The Webtender]
          :Cool online bartender

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