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Why an MG Midget?
(and is one right for you?)

A lot of people ask me, "why do you like that Midget so much?". And I supose they have a point. After all, the car has no A/C, no power anything, it's loud, and it requires rigorous maintenance. Compared to todays cars, it's really quite crude, especially for a daily driver. But that's just it, the MG is not just a daily driver. I have other vehicles for that. The MG is totally different driving experience, centered on the time between Point A and Point B. Most people nowadays regard driving as a neccesary evil, a requirement of their job. And thus, most car manufacturers have heeded this call, producing cars designed to make a journey from A to B so numbing and boring that it barely lulls itself into our memories. This, in turn, causes drivers to further regard the time spent driving as a waste of time and a viscious cycle has been set up. The Midget steps out of this cycle, presenting itself as a car purely to have fun in. Devoid of the usual driving distractions, it is a car that is set up and completely centered around the experience of motoring. Practicality simply was not part of the equation. In other words, it's a car that you can relax, step back, and give the rest of the world the finger in while they stare and wish they were you.
    That said, the MG Midget is not right for everyone. Older cars in general seem to have quirks, and British cars seem to have more than their fair share. Owning an MG, regardless of model, is a lot like having a pet. They require a certain amount of attention. It's not that they are poorly designed, or naturally prone to mishap, but rather, they're from an time before the sealed unit, maintenance-free (almost) cars of today. The key to owning one is to keep up with the preventative work and repair what needs to be fixed. Of course, being able to do this on you own is definately a plus, as shop fees are hideously expensive.



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