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Car Performance Page

    This is a page of information and tips dedicated to performance enhancment of cars. Some of it will be generalized information and articles about the subject, and some of it will be specific information concerning specific vehicles. All of the information presented here is based off of my own experience with cars and engines in general, or was gleaned from reputable sources (such as combustion researchers at MIT). If you find something you seriously don't agree with, email me. ( One of us is probably right. Also, most of the modifications on this page will be concerned with the engine, with a seperate page for chassis and handling modifications coming later when I have the time.  A final note: If you want to use some or all of the text on these pages, go ahead, but give credit where credit is due.

General articles:
    These articles are about general concepts applying to nearly all vehicles.

    Engine Performance 101: What makes power, what doesn't, and why.

    Cams, NOS, and Forced Induction: How to choose which is right for you.

    Cams & Revs: How and why.

    Nitrous Oxide: How and why.

    Forced Induction: The force feeding story.

Engine Ehancements for specific vehicles:
    These articles are about specific vehicles and machines. Read all that suit you.


    Bob's Snowmobile Page
        :Big site full of info on T'nT and Blizzard SkiDoo's

    Antique Ski-Doo & Vintage Ski-Doo Restoration Resources

    Tech Report on Power Valve Maintenance
        :Keep those R.A.V.E. valves clean

    Ram Air Article
        :An interesting article on the fable of "ram air"

    Rear Cylinder Siezures
        :A tech article about rear cylinder siezures in PWC twins due to crankshaft torsion (very interesting)

    Polaris Triple FAQ
        :A page that has the skinny on Polaris triples (ie which ones to avoid)

    New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

     Don's Vintage Arctic Cat Site

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