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Stephen's Snowmobile Page

    This is a page of information and tips dedicated completely to snowmobiles, both old and new. However, since all the sleds I own are old, most of the stuff here will be about vintage sleds. However, if anyone wants to donate a newer sled to get me up to date, feel free. Anyway, if you have something that you feel is missing from this page, by all means, email me with your tip, suggestion, pictures of sled, etc...

My Sleds:

    1972 Élan 250:

    1972 Élan 250 with a 71' TNT 335 engine, drivetrain, and suspension:

    1973 T'nT Silver Bullet 294:

    1980 Blizzard 5500:

Friends Sleds:

    1974 Élan SS 294:

    1974 T'nT 300:

    2001: MxZ 380 RER:

    2000: Mxz 700 DPM:

Snowmobile Pictures:

    1972 Blizzard 797:

    1979 Blizzard 9500:

    1980 Blizzard 5500 (not mine):

    1980 Blizzard 7500 Plus:

    1981 Blizzard 5500:

Articles pertaining generally to:

    SkiDoo Blizzards


    Triples vs. Twins

    Old Sleds vs. New Sleds


    Bob's Snowmobile Page
        :Big site full of info on T'nT and Blizzard SkiDoo's

    Antique Ski-Doo & Vintage Ski-Doo Restoration Resources

    Tech Report on Power Valve Maintenance
        :Keep those R.A.V.E. valves clean

    Ram Air Article
        :An interesting article on the fable of "ram air"

    Rear Cylinder Siezures
        :A tech article about rear cylinder siezures in PWC twins due to crankshaft torsion (very interesting)

    Polaris Triple FAQ
        :A page that has the skinny on Polaris triples (ie which ones to avoid)

    New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

     Don's Vintage Arctic Cat Site

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