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Volkswagen Archives

This is a collection of information that I have experienced on my own or have gleaned
from reputable sources on the web, as well as info on the cars that I own.

My Cars:

    My first car was my beloved 81' Volkswagen Rabbit diesel. I got her for $50 out of the junkyard where she rested after her prvious owners ran her out of water. After finding a junkyard head to put on it, I started driving the Rabbit regularly towards the end of my junior year in high school. The mileage is of, fantasic, and after fitting the car with a decent stereo, GTI alloy wheels, and seat heaters, I find I have the same creature comforts of most other cars, but I still get about 50mpg. All for under $200 after I put a new set of tires on it and made all of my repairs/mods. Try that with a Prius.

   The second VW that I picked up was a red 85' Scirocco Wolfsburg Ed. I got this gem out of a junkyard as well, for the tune of $200.  Because it had only been in the yard for a month or two, the body and interior were still in really good shape. Apparently, the previous owner had had fuel injection problems, so after I deciphered most of the problems with that(I'm still working on it), I had a nifty little car to show for it.

BadAss Rabbit